The need for research, graphically demonstrated

Two shark attacks at the same beach within a few hours of each other.  What’s going on?  Why is this happening?

A brave mother fought off a shark that attacked her daughter as the two were surfing, the same day another surfer was attacked on the same Floriday beach.

The  two incidents Wednesday are among a series of shark attacks in recent days, as the underwater predators have seemed to enter shallow coastal waters earlier than usual, with the warmer than usual weather this year (read more……

We humans are not the only ones being impacted by all of the changes going on in the world.  Until I read this, I had not really stopped to think about what the impact of the changing temperatures (global warming, call it what you want) is having on the aquatic creatures.

“Environmental factors that we’re suffering on land could also be happening in the water such as climate change, lack of food sources, which changes migratory patterns, and you have 80 million or more tourists that come to those waters, so it’s no surprise accidents happen,”  (Continue reading…..)

As the world’s oceans continue to change, it only makes sense that the feeding, migration, and breeding patterns of the ocean life would change as well.   We need to be aware of the impact that these world changes are having on ALL of the world,  in order for us to continue to enjoy the oceans AND to respect the creatures that live below the water’s surface.

That is one of the reasons why programs like Broadreach and their behavioral research courses are so important!  In fact, this is the program that my daughter is enrolled in for this summer.  She has been passionate about great white sharks since she was 6 years old (as much as I had hoped she would grow out of it), and this summer she gets to take the first big step toward her dream of diving with them.   Check out her Facebook Fan Page:  Help Feed Kiersten To The Sharks (yes, we have a demented sense of humor over here!)








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Shark doing what sharks do best……hunting.

This is a recent report from Waddell Creek Beach (and yes, I had to look at a map, too) regarding a shark attack on an elephant seal.  It is an interesting balancing act between providing sanctuary for one species, which then attracts more of those that hunt them.  In some ways this makes me wonder which is more important:  The elephant seal, or having safe beaches.

WADDELL CREEK — A great white shark leaped from the water and attacked an elephant seal off Waddell Creek Beach this week, State Parks rangers reported.

Surfers on the beach spotted the attack about 150 yards off the creek mouth about 11 a.m. Sunday, according to Chip Bockman, State Parks lifeguard supervisor.

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Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am all for saving the seals.  But we cannot honestly get all upset when this starts drawing the attention of the greatest ocean hunter…..we are holding on to quite a large buffet table full of their favorite foods.

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